ANU Centre for wellbeing


I wanted to find a private and inspiring environment to meet with clients. My experience has been really positive. ANU centre induces a sense of calmness. I enjoy the privacy, calm and friendliness of everyone who uses it. The centre is well located and provides a lovely environment. Rhona and Mary make everyone feel so welcome. Their personal touch gives it an extra edge over other spaces.
I was looking for workspace around South Dublin City centre. My experience working from ANU Centre for the past 9 years has been consistently warm, friendly, and supportive – from my first meeting with Mary and Rhona in 2014 to the present. I enjoy the calm, quiet work space. The centre is well-located with plenty of room and a lovely atmosphere, and run by supportive practitioners who are very easy to communicate with. I especially appreciate the warm and helpful approach Mary and Rhona have with all the practitioners.
ANU Centre was referred to me by a colleague. I have been working from the centre for about 10 years now. At this stage it feels like a home away from home. The rooms are always clean and airy and the building itself is beautiful. There is a little kitchenette where you can make yourself a cuppa and chat to other therapists/professionals. The building sits opposite the canal and it is a lovely quiet part of the city to work in and for clients to visit. Rhona and Mary couldn't be more warm and welcoming and they have been incredibly supportive to me personally over the years. They provide all that you need to start up and get settled. Rhona is extremely responsive to messages and the communication is excellent around rooms and the building. It is a wonderful place to work with a friendly atmosphere. Come and join us!
I was looking to relocate my private practice and was very impressed with Anu. Both my clients and I feel comfortable and welcome. The location is very popular. Rhona and Mary are wonderful and extremely well organised and the centre itself is a beautiful place. My personal experience and the feedback from my clients has been extremely positive. Keep doing what you're doing.
Client testimonial Claire O'Dowda
Claire O'Dowda
Chartered Counselling Psychologist, Clinical Supervisor
I wanted to find a coaching space that was suitable for working 1:1 with leaders across the civil service, public and private sectors. The location works very well for clients working anywhere near the city centre and southside Dublin who often walk here. There is on-street parking, Dublin bike parking and easy access by Luas, dart and bus. Clients appreciate the change of pace when using these coaching rooms. I personally find it a very rewarding space in which to work. Being able to take breaks and walk the canal is a joy. I appreciate the ease of access to the centre, it is a very quiet, considered environment. The rooms are large and airy with space for flipcharts if required. Being able to use the kitchen for tea and coffee is greatly appreciated. Rhona is very accommodating and responsive to room booking requirements. Coaches often don't need a permanent office base and ANU Centre always feels like my space even though I am only using it one day a week.
ANU Centre is a professional, trustworthy, sincere, warm environment to work in. It offers a respectful, safe space to support both my clients and myself and provides a strong backbone and human touch that supports me in my work. I enjoy the central location, the canal creates a calming ambience, ad-hoc social coffee breaks add fun to the day.
I have had the pleasure of working with Mary and Rhona in ARC Cancer Care for many years. When I was looking for a place to see private clients, ANU Centre had just been set up and I was very keen to be involved. When I approached Mary and Rhona, I was made very welcome. The building itself is lovely and permeates calm. Everything was arranged in a very relaxed but efficient way. The ethos of ANU Centre has wellbeing at its core. My clients feel safe and relaxed and I know that any logistical problems I might have will be sorted.
ANU Centre is very holistic. I experienced very good vibes the first time I entered the building. My patients say the same. I enjoy the beautiful building and location, the view on the canal and the sense of calm and soothing in the building. It feels good. It is a perfect calm location despite being in the city centre. I can refer my clients to the other excellent therapists if needed.
Client testimonial Perrine de Montard
Perrine de Montard
Acupuncturist, Perrine de Montard Acupuncture