ANU Centre for wellbeing

Low-Cost Counselling

Accessible and affordable therapy for all

As well as room hire, ANU Centre dedicates its community ethos to provide low-cost counselling services to those wishing to avail of counselling with trainee and pre-accredited therapists.

Our aim is to make therapy more accessible and affordable for all, regardless of their financial circumstances. We can offer a sliding scale based on your financial situation with a minimum fee of €40. This service is also available to students.

Counselling is provided by dedicated and committed professional counsellors and psychotherapists. Our therapists are currently completing their training with recognised and accredited degree courses (at graduate and postgraduate level) or are working towards professional accreditation. They are members of professionally approved accrediting bodies of counselling, psychotherapy and psychology in Ireland.

All therapists providing low-cost counselling are in professional supervision. They strictly adhere to a code of ethics and have continual professional support.

Professional support in supervision is also available at the centre.

Patients are often referred to us from their general practitioner or healthcare professional and we can recommend a suitable trainee therapist for their sessions at ANU Centre.

What is counselling?

In counselling, we create a safe and confidential environment where clients are encouraged to relate their fears and life wounds. As therapists, we enter into a therapeutic relationship with the client to actively listen in an empathetic way to their life story, and we support them in making necessary changes that would allow them to live their lives in a more fulfilling way.

We also support clients in identifying old patterns from the past that no longer encourage a sense of wellbeing. These patterns have emotional and physical consequences in their present world and may be contributing to their unhappiness and manifesting in physical symptoms.